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Many Hands Art Gallery Alena Brynes Violet Drury Hollis Hansen Powell and Tomlinson Penelope Critchlow Dan and Laurie Henning Scott Hamill Violet Drury Ann Wasserman Peter Vizzusi c Capitola Art Gallery Vanessa Mellet Renne Sayer Wence Musi Hunt <Micahel Mote

This Many Hands Gallery has been showing some of the finest, locally produced, artwork for more than 20 years. Located in the beach communtiy of Capitola, which is just a short drive from Santa Cruz, Many Hand Gallery has become known as one of the area's finest art galleries.

We bring together the art and energy of many different artists and styles in one place. As you look around our gallery, you will find only the finest quality work in a large variety of media.    We have a core group of artists that create our solid foundation, and a rotating number of artists that constantly bring new energy to our gallery.

With more than 100 different artists work to represent, we have created a web site that is easy to navigate, and displays the amazing work of local and national artists and artisans. Thank you for visiting Many Hands Gallery

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art gallery 715 Capitola Avenue, Suite B., Capitola art gallery
art gallery 831.475.2500 art gallery

art gallery E-Mail: manyhandsgallery07@att.net art gallery
Santa Cruz Hours: 11-5 Tuesday thru Saturday. Closed Sunday & Monday.Santa Cruz

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Many Hands Gallery   spacer  715 Capitola Ave Suite B, Capitola, California   spacer  831.475.2500   
  Hours: Wednesday thru Sunday. Our hours will vary. Plese call to confirm. Closed Monday and Tuesday

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